In search of people’s desires: Daido Moriyama


I stumbled across this video of a japanese photographer Daido Moriyama. He uses only a small pocket camera for his street photography and has been doing so for decades. The video below shows us an interesting perspective on creating narrative through photography. Good video for a lazy sunday afternoon! 🙂

By the way, I noticed that Daido’s assistant used a Google Nik Collection‘s Silver Efex Pro to convert the pictures to B&W. It’s a great and free software (although you need Lightroom or Photoshop, at least the Elements version)!

Daido’s way of taking pictures appeals to me a lot. I am still a beginner photographer, but I have a clear ambition to develop a way of photography through which I can relay a message or tell a story. The nonchalant way in which Daido carries himself and how he speaks of his art is appealing to me. It feels like it’s all about the stories and the photos, there is a very strong sense of humility present in him. I am going to track a photo book of his and see the way he prefers to present his photography.