One Roll, One Camera: a Sneak Peak


I have been shooting my first One Roll, One Camera tests for the past week. The point of One Roll, One Camera is to shoot a roll of film with a film camera and review how the pictures turned out and how the camera felt while shooting.

So I bought some cheap compact cameras and to be honest, I’ve been having a blast shooting with them. Well, with the exception of the Pentax from last post, it was really awful to shoot with and I’m not holding my breath to see if the film was even properly exposed. I think I will have the Pentax, the Nikon, the Samurai and possibly the Canon rolls developed on Sunday. So the OROC -reviews are coming starting next week! Here is a sneak peak of the current cameras.

The Yashica Samurai x3.0

One Roll, One Camera: Yashica Samurai 3.0 SAM_0792

The Yashica Samurai X3.0 is the most ugly SLR camera I have seen so far, and one of the most fun to shoot with. It feels like some kind of space ship with the protruding handle. By the way, the user manual states that the camera is properly held using two hands, like shown in the picture above. The plastic handle prevents you from reaching the zoom buttons while using it one-handedly. Amazing, right? 😀 The Yashica shoots half-frames, so a roll of 36 gives you 72 exposures. I’m actually shooting with a dual picture -mindset. I’m not shooting single images, but images in pairs. You can print the single images, but I kinda like at least scanning them in this dual format. It gives a nice approach to the shooting process. The lens is quite bright for a zoom lens. The range is 25-75 mm and the maximum aperture goes from 3.5 to 4.3.

yashica samurai x3.0


The Nikon AF240SV


There isn’t much information to be found of this little thing. It sports a 28mm f5.6 lens and a “super viewfinder”. It is really large and bright, the brightest I’ve used so far. The camera says it’s autofocus, but I do not hear any focusing sound and the VF doesn’t really give any indication when an image is focused to the center, nor is there a center marker of any kind in the viewfinder. Still, it is really light weight and fun to shoot with. We’ll have to see how the pictures turn out.

The Canon Prima Zoom 105 / Sure Shot Mega Zoom 105


Once I’m done with the Samurai, I’ll transfer the battery to this bad boy and give it a shot. It has great feel of quality to it, it must’ve been a bit more expensive compact camera back in the day. The camera has 35-105 mm f3.5-8.0 lens, which is nice enough. A lot of the cheaper film zoom compacts go something like f11 at the end of the telephoto range. The camera seems to have “a fun” feature, you can imprint custom captions to the pictures you snap. Can’t wait to imprint <3 I<3you <3 to a picture. 😀

back cover of the canon

The first One Roll, One Camera post should come online within a week so stay tuned! 🙂