Photo Critique Videos for Inspiration (and a birch twig)

Digital Stories

Photo critique is an excellent way to develop your photography skills. To have your own pictures analyzed and commented on or watching other’s pictures getting critiqued can be very educational.

Even looking at photos is a good way to develop your artistic eye. By looking and analyzing enough photos and getting acquainted with the history of art photography, you gradually gain insight in what makes a good photo and you start to understand culturohistorical references in photos. Each photo book published contains the best and carefully selected pictures of a photographer. They are in general very well thought of and perusing those books will often give inspiration and insight.

What would we do without Youtube?

I really enjoy watching photographers critique photos on Youtube. Bruce Gilden is merciless in his critique and I find his comments very entertaining! Too bad only two episodes were made by Vice.

Another video is a lenghty one. Tony and Chelsea Northup held a live broadcast some time ago where they asked people to send in portrait photos that somehow ‘broke a rule’. The Northrups go very easy on their audiences, they don’t trash the pics like Bruce does, but they do give out nice tips on how to improve the photos. They even do live lightroom adjustments to the images! Fun to watch and their one hour show was well structured to keep the audience engaged. They do different segments at times and talk about portrait photography in general too and take in questions from audience.

There is a lot more to learning photography than just shooting. Books and videos are a great way to get on the shoulders of giants and learn more! I know I have a world of learning ahead of me. These were just two examples of critique videos. Do you have some favourites too? Share them in comments below! 🙂

Birch twig making

This is some shitty blog writing, changing the subject mid post and not making a new one, but hey, it’s my blog so I’ll do whatevs I wan’t! 🙂 It’s not really enough content to warrant a full post anyways, so here we go. I went to the summer house the week before and took some snapshot while making a birch twig. One handed shooting with Samyang 12mm f2 -manual lens was not exactly a pleasure. The pictures didn’t turn out very good, but here they are anyways.

SAM_0021 SAM_0048 SAM_0056 SAM_0057 SAM_0064







P.s. I’m getting my film scanner back from maintenance early next week so maybe I’ll have the next One Roll, One Camera out within a week! 🙂