From a restaurant day to a french visit


Last saturday was a nice sunny day here and I visited an old car show called “the French Visit”. The summer is at least two weeks early this year and the tree leaves are already almost full-sized. Traditionally you get the best birch whisks just before summer solstice, when the leaves are barely full-sized and still colored light green. This year, that time is already upon us. If I’ll visit the country house next weekend, I’ll try to make one and post a picture series about it.

But last saturday we attended the restaurant day and an old car exhibition. On restaurant day, people across the nation start pop up restaurants and serve home made food. We went to a cake shop and had some cake and bought a platter of macarons.

There were quite a few pop up restaurants in my small home town too. The restaurant day has really taken off here in Finland.

The cakes looked delicious and even though I’m not supposed to eat these things (watching my lines and what not), I gave myself a cheat day.

This was a piece of cake!

The guestbook!

The French Visit means old french cars

After we had filled ourselves with cake, we headed towards an old car event called The French Visit or Ranskalainen visiitti 2016. The car exhibition was held in an old file factory. There were some really nice cars there.

Not all cars were very fancy

I liked this old milk(?) car

Friends in a row

It was a nice day

Why’d they left me here to rot?

A pic through the back seat

There were car outside and in. The cars inside were a bit dusty.

The chimney of the old file factory is about to be torn down, I hear.

This is a dodge and it was on display in a french car exhibition.

They don’t make hood ornaments like they used to.

The old factory milieu had grass growing through the cracks in the asphalt.

This was a stylish car.
A red car in the French visit

This post was light on content, but I wanted to share some pictures of my weekend. My next camera review will be about Nikon AF240 SV, but my scanner is in service at the moment, so that’ll have to wait.

Have a nice week! 🙂