Tammerkoski rapids drained all out of water

Digital Stories

There is a bridge construction site at a critical phase in Tampere and they had to drain Tammerkoski dry. I work near the rapids and when I approached the water during lunch hour, the smell instantly made me feel all summery. During winter, all smells are somewhat neutralised and for me, the first sign of spring has always been the smell of warm asphalt. This time, Tammerkoski beat warm asphalt to the punch. The smell was a mixture of wet mud, fish and slime.

The bridge construction site needs to work on the pillars below the bridge so they drained all the water for three days. The city aims to clean up the river bed during those days as well. I was saddened to hear a dead body had been discovered this afternoon.

Perfect opportunity for panoramas

The dried up river is a rare opportunity to photograph Tampere in a unique way and I was pleased I had brought both digital and analog cameras with me. My digital camera had a 60 mm equivalent lens attached to it, so I decided to do panorama sweeps with it. Here is a few of my panoramas from today. You can browse high resolution versions by clicking the photos and going to Flickr.

Anyone need a ride?
This kind of view of Tampere is a rare thing.
There were quite a few people scavenging on the dried up river bed.
Winter and mud!
Someone had thrown a small table to the bottom!


Hopefully the dried up river bed won’t raise up too much dust in the coming days. We’ll see!