A roll of expired Velvia from a nearby lake


from a roll of expired velvia iso 50

A couple of weeks ago I visited a nearby lake, or a pond, with my friend. There was an outdoor art exhibit surrounding the lake. The lake was really beautiful and the light from the setting sun really made everything glow. It was a nice trip and of course I shot a roll of film while we walked around the lake.

I came across some outdated film on Facebook trift sale group on July. I bought a batch containing Fujifilm ISO 100 color film, some outdated Fujichrome Velvia ISO 50 slide film and a roll of Kodak Ektachrome slide film. So on this lake trip, I shot a roll of that Velvia. It had expired in 2007, but had been stored in the freezer so it’s all good.

Images from the lake

So anyways, here are some of Velvia shot in the light of a setting sun.

The sun really added some magic to the view.

I had several shots which with blown out highlights due to the sun. I was shooting with my favourite lens, Helios 44-2 and I was trying to get some flaring in some of the shots so occasionally overexposed.

That’s a piece of art in the foreground.

Some youngsters were fishing by the lake.

Here is some over the top flaring and blown out highlight. I have adapted the Helios lens to Canon EF and am using Canon EOS 1. I changed the camera’s focusing screen to allow greater control of focus when shooting wide open. Also the camera has high maximum shutter speed (1/8000 s), so its easier to shoot wide open without an ND filter.




An art piece was consisted of CDs placed on the wall. They created a nice reflective detail.

This wasn’t a part of this year’s exhibition, but I think it was from an earlier year. A nice carved portrait.


I really liked the summery glow of the evening and how the film managed to capture it all. It was my first time visiting that particular lake. I was really taken by the burned-down warehouse. It seemed like the nature was proclaiming it as its own once again.