Way too many pictures of my dog Mosse

Film Stories

Mosse turns 10 in September. Mosse has been with us about 7 years now. He is a good boy.

Mosse has always been bit of a scared dog. When we take a new walking route which takes us near tall buildings and busy roads, Mosse gets wary. But Mosse is a good dog. Now that I started shooting film panoramas in my last post, I decided to take a few (many) dog portraits of Mosse.

That red dot in the background turned out to be our neighbours.
Now Mosse doesn’t really know many tricks but the one trick he does know is sit and stay. He has kinda learned that I make him sit around at times and when the camera’s shutter goes “CLONK”, Mosse relaxes and starts to wander.
Mosse has stressful ears in this picture. He didn’t like sitting down in that spot and the traffic in the nearby road was too loud. “Just take the damn picture already!”
I liked the lines the stream and the trees make. I used my power of “sit’n’stay” and made Mosse pose awesomely!
Mosse is a gentle and playful dog. Before us he was in a family with many children so he is very accustomed to small children. Golden retrievers are very well-mannered dogs in general. Mosse had no bark, he only kind of talks. He lets out these small howls.
Mosse isn’t a young dog anymore and I fear the day when Mosse’s time becomes full. He is our family member, our beloved Mosse.