Winter contrast in my home town of Juankoski

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Juankoski is a quiet little town deep in Finland’s heart. Last month the nearest city Kuopio saw 16,6 hours of daylight (and 703,4 hours of darkness or cloudy weather). Today we had a whole day of sun, meaning 4 hours of bright light. I grabbed my camera and headed out for a photography stroll. I visited my favourite places and just enjoyed the views. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the pictures as well!

Some shrub buried in snow and contrast to the first image!
The town of Juankoski was named after the rapids. This stream leads into those rapids. This is an excellent place to swim in the summer, although a bit dangerous due to the deceptive current.
I do not know what this thing in the middle of the stream is. Maybe it has something to do with boat traffic? I love taking vertical pictures, but in a blog they take a lot of space. I guess I shouldn’t think too much about that kind of things and just take pictures I like.
The almost abandoned factory milieu of Juankoski.
The bell and the pipe. The distance between the two is atleast 500 meters, but I managed to fit them both into the same circle. The bell is located in Juankoski’s high school, which I attended in early 2000s.
Water tower of Juankoski
Water tower of Juankoski

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Thanks for checking this light-on-words blog post. I realised it has been a year since my last post. I was really surprised to find out that my blog has had over 7000 readers without me doing any new posts. It is due to the old film camera reviews, they really gather constant little stream of traffic. I won’t be doing any more of those in the future, but something else photography related for sure! I have planned a 10 blog post series which I hope to publish during the spring of 2020. We’ll see how that goes!